The Cast of Rustle the Leaf...

Rustle the Leaf™ is the catalyst for the comic strip. He is driven by a dream: to reach out to humans with his message of environmental responsibility and the need for real change. Rustle is the quintessential reformer...he is courageous, purposeful, and mostly at peace about how it will all come together. He's the most insightful, 'spiritual' member of the cast.
Rooty™ the acorn sprout is the skeptical, wise-cracking best pal of Rustle the Leaf. Rooty's along for the mission of spreading Rustle's environmental message, but don't expect him to cheerfully giggle and skip along the way. Rooty genuinely likes Rustle, but barely tolerates most everyone else. That's especially true of his arch-enemies: the dreaded, polluting humans!
Dandy™ the dandelion seed has self-image issues. Despised by humans (and often the target of their chemical warfare), Dandy takes broadleaf season personally. He wonders what he’s ever done to make people so angry. Just below the surface, Dandy has some fairly bitter resentment toward plants that seem to be cooperating with--and on the 'good side' of--the humans.
Paige™ Precipitation is the 'Renaissance person' of the cast. She’s 'been there and done that' more than anyone else, and has an annoying way of reminding everyone of it. Paige's best friend is the Environment…but 'The Spotlight' comes in a close second.



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