Nice Things People are Saying...

"Ponce and Wright’s Rustle the Leaf is emblematic of the most conscious and caring elements in our culture. With low-key acerbic wit, every Rustle strip provides us a vehicle with which we can reach more people than any hundred earnest pronouncements – and once in awhile run them over." Peter Stiglin, Managing Editor,, the website of Orion Magazine

"Great comic – a 'green' Calvin and Hobbes! I’m very impressed and thrilled to have the opportunity to have it on our website!" --Maggie W., Webmaster, AEOE (Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education).
"Hello. I really like the idea and message in your strip---I have often wished I was a better artist so I could make cartoons about environmental abuses, which I think are better than letters. You know the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Great work! Thanks for doing this." Dave B., Rustle reader

"In my eyes, art, and especially creative comics are a great way to inform, educate and empower people around the world. It translates as nothing else does." Susi Snyder, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, United Nations Office.

"Every page of the Sierra Club's Delta (Louisiana) Chapter's Web site now links to your strip. Thanks for generously donating the use of your strip to the Sierra Club. Keep up the good work." Rene' M., Delta Chapter Webmaster,

"Thank you. I am thrilled to put this on our site." Cheryl H., Webmaster, Missouri Sierra Club Chapter,

"We are DELIGHTED with the strip and the characters---important points are powerfully driven home, and with cuteness! Who woulda thunk it?" Barb M., Sales Director, Environment News Service (ENS) and World-Wire Press Release Service.

"I like it!!!!!!! Great idea. Only problem I see is the fact that most of our environmental problems have their roots in politics. The technological solutions are already here--it's just the will to adopt them." Dr. Robert Bruck, Professor of plant pathology, forestry and environmental technology, North Carolina State University

Thanks. Great idea and help for Webmasters, too; adds visual appeal and environmental content." George K., Webmaster, Sierra Club Chicago Group.

"Your cartoons are certainly valuable as an aid in educating the general public on the environment and the protection of our natural heritage." Ed McDowell, President, Georgia Native Plant Society

"The comics are beautiful and engaging - really wonderful!" Karen C., Web Developer, Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE).

"I have been spending far too much time tonight reading through your totally enchanting strips - AND all the educational materials you have made available. You guys are preparing (not "paving") a path straight to heaven with this stuff. Congratulations! It really is excellent." Ila S., Editor, The Rumblings, Sierra Club Cascade Chapter, Loo Wit Group.

"Your comics are great. We are using them at: Thank you! Leanne K., Webmaster, Sierra Club Maine Chapter

"Rustle the Leaf is an excellent environmental education tool, and I greatly enjoyed visiting your site for the first time just now (I heard the Ecotalk show featuring your site)." "Wildman" Steve Brill, Naturalist-Author-Broadcaster-Artist.

"I LOVE Rustle the Leaf! I have printed all of the comics to share with staff. If they ever put out a book (IE like Calvin and Hobbes), I’m all over it. THANK YOU for sharing this with us!" G.T., Senior Program Director, YMCA, Imperial Beach, CA.



Rustle the Leaf exists to educate, encourage and entertain. Our environmental comic strips and cartoons are offered to encourage environmentalists, to facilitate the sharing of environmental views in an engaging, non-confrontational manner, and to introduce and reinforce environmental education with people of all ages. Our environmental lesson plans, including Earth Day lesson plans, are provided free of charge. We are an educational web site, an environmental web site and (hopefully) an entertainment web site!