About Artist/Co-Writer Dan Wright

Dan Wright is a multi-talented, seasoned comic veteran, whose critically-acclaimed daily strip “WILDWOOD” was syndicated by King Features from 1998 through 2002. Dan brings his considerable artistic and writing gifts to the “Rustle” strip, masterfully creating a world where a sagacious leaf, a trash-talking acorn, a persecuted dandelion seed and a know-it-all raindrop jump straight off the page and into the heart.

While digital copying-and-pasting shortcuts are all the rage in comic strips these days, Dan still sketches each strip by hand and then uses a #2 Sable brush and India Ink to create the finished line art. The work is then scanned and painstakingly painted in a multilayer Photoshop file. Critics have compared Dan’s beautiful comic strip panels--especially his nature scenes--to those of the legendary Walt Kelly.

Dan lives in Central Indiana with his three wonderful children.


About Creator/Co-Writer Dave Ponce

The creator of the Rustle the Leaf characters, and the strip’s co-writer, Dave Ponce infuses intellect, humor and important environmental principles into the colorful weekly series.

A lifelong lover of comics and comic strips, Dave's first attempt at "breaking into the industry" came in 7th grade shop class, when he printed business cards that read: “COMIC COLLECTOR'S CLUB.” Early inspiration came from Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz, Neal Adams, Parker & Hart, and (more recently) the genius of Bill Watterson.

Dave has been a high school teacher (creative writing, speech) and an ad agency and freelance copywriter. He currently works as a creative/brand consultant in the natural products industry.

Dave lives in the Indianapolis area, not far from his four wonderful kids.




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