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Thanks for Your Interest in linking Rustle the Leaf content to your web site! We have created a way that provides you with some options. Feel free to use any individual component.

A variety of banners, each of which require some one-time copying and pasting of javascript. You choose the one you want to use. Rotate them from time to time if you like. Clicking on each will open a new window that displays our comic strip viewer. Here's the link:



Rustle the Leaf exists to educate, encourage and entertain. Our environmental comic strips and cartoons are offered to encourage environmentalists, to facilitate the sharing of environmental views in an engaging, non-confrontational manner, and to introduce and reinforce environmental education with people of all ages. Our environmental lesson plans, including Earth Day lesson plans, are provided free of charge. We are an educational web site, an environmental web site and (hopefully) an entertainment web site!